Capacity Building Workshop for CSOs and Media


The media and civil society organisations (CSOs) play a crucial role in shaping public and governmental priorities by identifying and publicising key issues. In preparation for Ghana’s 2024 Election, Development Impact West Africa (DIWA) organised a two-day workshop at GIMPA to enhance the capacity of selected media and CSOs in evidence-informed policymaking.


The workshop, led by Prof. Charles Amoatey, DIWA Director, and Richard Otoo, Research and Evaluations Manager, focused on using monitoring and evaluation tools to generate credible evidence. Sessions covered stakeholder analysis, theory of change, results frameworks, and effective communication of evidence.


Participants engaged in lectures and practical sessions aimed at equipping them with the skills needed to promote evidence-based decisions. A panel discussion featuring experts such as Dr. Nana Opare-Djan, Prof. Philip Duku Osei, Mrs. Dede Bedu-Addo, and Mr. Issifu Lampo addressed the use and challenges of evidence in policy decisions.


The event highlighted the essential role of media and CSOs in advocating for accountability and transparency. By building their capacity in evidence generation, DIWA aims to foster a culture of informed and impactful policymaking in Ghana.




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