Generating Evidence on the One Village One Dam Project

The ‘One Village One Dam’ (1V1D) project is a flagship government initiative designed to improve livelihoods and agricultural productivity in Northern Ghana by providing communities with access to irrigation infrastructure.

This year marked our third and final visit to the Northern Region to gather data on the 1V1D initiative. The first day which was a Tuesday, we trained our enumerators on generating credible evidence and held an extensive discussion on their experiences from the past two years.


Following the training, we conducted a pilot data collection to validate our instruments, led by Michael Tetteh Martey and Dr Emmanuel Abokyi. The subsequent 16-day data collection period was productive and insightful, involving 230 communities across five regions. We engaged with chiefs, assemblymen, chairmen, community leaders, and members, who provided valuable details on the initiative.


Additionally, we visited selected dams in various communities to assess their current state, focusing on water availability and holding capacity, dam embankments, spillways, and surrounding irrigation farms.

We extend our gratitude to our sponsor, the International Centre for Evaluation and Development (ICED), and the principal investigator, Prof Charles Amoatey, for their support.



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